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How Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Smile

When problems arise, protect your smile by immediately turning to your dentist for care. 

Have you been struggling with dental pain lately? Although a relatively common symptom, toothaches are often simply trying to warn you of a problem such as a cavity or infected dental pulp—conditions that if left untreated, will end up causing major health consequences. Fortunately, our North Reading, MA, dentist, Dr. Vahid Varasteh, can often treat these problems with the help of root canal treatment.

How does root canal treatment actually save a tooth? 

Just as a doctor will give you medication to get rid of a bacterial infection, our North Reading, MA, dentist will also need to provide you with treatment to get rid of the bacteria that lies inside the tooth. A root canal will prevent the bacteria from spreading to neighboring teeth and the jawbone, where it can cause some permanent and serious damage. By turning to our dental team the minute you notice a toothache, we can provide you with the treatment you need to prevent complications.

There are several goals or steps involved in a root canal. These goals include:

  • Removing the infected dental pulp
  • Disinfecting the inside of the tooth and the root canals to get rid of any bacteria that is present
  • Sealing up the root canals and pulp chamber with a special material that will prevent re-infection
  • Placing a dental crown around the tooth to protect and restore it

What are the benefits of root canal treatment? 

Natural teeth are almost always better than replacement teeth. Yes, advanced technology has made it possible to create extremely lifelike tooth replacement options; however, nothing will truly feel or look as good as your own natural teeth. With root canal treatment, you can keep your natural teeth and feel pain-free once more!

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Invest in your smile now to preserve it for the future. Even if you aren’t experiencing dental issues, you should still see your North Reading, MA, dentist every six months for checkups. After all, these visits can prevent cavities and infections that could require a root canal in the first place. Call Aesthetic Dentistry at (978) 664-5901 to schedule your next checkup.

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