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Your Child's First Dental Appointment

Do children need to visit a dentist too? Yes, and anyone who says otherwise is mistaken. Caring for your child's oral health begins before there are even any teeth. Don't believe me? Just ask Aesthetic Dentistry's dentist, Vahid Varasteh, of North Reading, MA.

When should you start caring for your child's oral health?

Brushing and flossing are important but what about babies who don't have teeth? People often forget that oral hygiene isn't just about teeth about soft tissue as well. After your baby eats soft baby food or drinks milk, you should make a habit of wiping their gums with a warm cloth. That way you'll remove bacteria left behind. Also, make a habit of giving your child water to wash away food particles.

So, when do you visit your child's North Reading dentist?

Your first dental appointment with Dr. Varasteh should be as soon as that first tooth erupts.

Children's teeth start coming in at about 6 and 12 months old. It's a painful time for children and they do get fussy. Try applying a cold compress to reduce inflammation.

As soon as the first tooth erupts, you need to start brushing it. Yes, you need to brush that single tooth and if adjacent teeth erupt, you need to floss between them.

By the time your child is three, he/she should have a full set of 20 milk teeth. These baby teeth start to fall out at about five or six years old to make room for adult teeth.

Why do children need to go to the dentist so soon?

It's a smart preventive measure to prevent cavities. It also gives you the chance to find out if there are congenital issues invisible to the naked eye. Your dentist can also give you nutritional tips and oral hygiene tips to make caring for your baby's teeth easier and more productive.

Need to make an appointment?

If you'd like to learn more from Dr. Vahid Varasteh, don't hesitate to visit his North Reading, MA, office. You can also call to schedule an appointment at Aesthetic Dentistry when you call (978) 664-5901.

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